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Holo is a distributed peer-to-peer hosting platform for Holochain apps (hApps); a bridge to the new Internet.

Holo does to web hosting what Airbnb did to hotels—anyone can become a host by turning their computer into a source of revenue, getting paid in HoloFuel for hosting distributed applications. The Holo software runs in the background, allocating spare storage and processing power to serve hApps to the legacy web. Hosts​ ​choose what hApps to serve, set their own hosting prices, and manage their own priorities.

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Holochain is an open source framework for building fully distributed, peer-to-peer applications.

Holochain apps are versatile, resilient, scalable, and thousands of times more efficient than blockchain (no token or mining required). The purpose of Holochain is to enable humans to interact with each other by mutual-consent to a shared set of rules, without relying on any authority to dictate or unilaterally change those rules. Peer-to-peer interaction means you own and control your data, with no intermediary (e.g., Google, Facebook, Uber) collecting, selling, or losing it.

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HoloFuel is Holo’s native, asset-backed, mutual-credit currency.

HoloFuel is a Holochain-based currency that is a contractual service obligation, redeemable for hosting. HoloFuel is a mutual-credit accounting system capable of performing billions of daily microtransactions. Its primary use is for Holochain application (hApp) providers to pay Holo hosts for their services.

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HoloToken (HOT) is a placeholder that for a period of time, can be redeemable 1:1 for HoloFuel after the Holo Beta release.

HOT is an ERC-20 token sold as an IOU for HoloFuel during our Initial Community Offering (ICO) in April 2018. The funds raised are being used for the development of Holo as well as Holochain, Holo’s underlying technological infrastructure. During the swap period HOT will be accepted at a straight 1:1 when swapped at our HOT Reserve. That is to say that we will accept 1 HOT and swap that for 1 HoloFuel. There will be a period of at least 6 months during which you can participate in the swap. Details will be communicated well in advance.

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The HoloPort is an easy and direct way to support the distributed Internet, designed to host peer-to-peer Holochain applications.

As easy-to-use dedicated Holo hosting devices, HoloPorts serve as a bridge between the community running distributed Holochain applications and visitors from the web. Owners of HoloPorts can charge fees for their hosting service and earn HoloFuel. HoloPorts come in three sizes—the HoloPort Nano, the HoloPort, and the HoloPort+.

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A Holonaut is anyone in the HoloVerse—members of the Holochain/Holo community, including, but not limited to:

Holochain developers, designers, Holo team members, partners, community collaborators and volunteers, entrepreneurs, startup founders, DLT/blockchain enthusiasts, hosts, event organizers, supporters.

Owners of HoloPorts and Holo currencies, such as HoloTokens (HOT) and HoloFuel.

Those who have championed the direction of the Holochain ecosystem and the Holo network.

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