What is Holo fuel?

Holo fuel is Holo's native, asset-backed, mutual-credit currency.

Holo fuel is a Holochain-based currency that is a contractual service obligation, redeemable for hosting. Holo fuel is a mutual-credit accounting system capable of performing billions of daily microtransactions. Its primary use is for Holochain application (hApp) providers to pay Holo hosts for their services.

Holo fuel benefits:

  • A completely peer-to-peer cryptocurrency.
  • Optimized for high speed and minimal fees.
  • Currency you earn for hosting on Holo, and redeem to pay your bills.
  • Completely accountable and transparent crypto-accounting, operating by known and shared rules running on every host machine.

How is Holo fuel different?

  • Mutual Credit: Unlike other cryptocurrencies which are primarily used for speculation, Holo fuel is not tokens created from nothing. It is a double-entry crypto-accounting framework that provides scalability, transparency, and accountability.
  • Asset-Backed: Holo fuel is backed by the computing power of hosts like you across the globe.
  • Value-Stable: The value of Holo fuel is connected to the computing capacity of the network of hosts. This capacity evolves and changes slowly and isn't subject to huge spikes and crashes the way other speculative tokens are.

How can I use Holo fuel?

  • Spend it through a variety of apps and online marketplaces.
  • Redeem fuel earned by hosting for other currencies to pay your bills.
  • Borrow it, based on your proven hosting track record, to pay for things.
  • Holo fuel is designed for micro-transactions—millions of transactions at fractional values. Holo fuel is divisible in fractional units.

Holo fuel marks the beginning of a new era of cryptocurrencies backed by the capacity provided by people. All of the currency supply is correlated to building and providing the computing power of the Holo network. We always create that value together.

Most cryptocurrencies are modeled as digital objects tracked on a global ledger. With Holo fuel, each user has their own ledger showing their account balance and transaction history. Each transaction requires an agreement between two people, which is then recorded on their respective ledgers and validated by peers in the network.

Mutual credit means that every credit (positive) has an equally matching debit (negative), giving a net supply of zero and a dynamic circulating supply that’s responsive to the actual market behavior of its users.

Credit limits are directly connected to a demonstrated capacity to repay a negative balance by providing hosting resources. Holo fuel is directly redeemable for hosting services. Holo fuel is therefore backed by computing power, a valuable modern asset.

Being asset-backed and having a dynamic supply means that Holo fuel can be value-stable without being static or requiring a peg. Holo fuel can optimize the market value of its units in relation to the cost of hosting, creating a steady and stable trajectory.

The agent-centric design allows for the transactions per second (TPS) to increase the more people use it, mirroring how the English language’s “words per second” increases as more people speak it. Therefore, Holo fuel is scalable for mass adoption.

There is no mining or staking involved in earning Holo fuel—only the useful work of web hosting. Anyone can become a host and be compensated by application providers who want their hApp served to the web.

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