Product Roadmap

This evolving product roadmap outlines our upcoming milestones as we work through our agile development plans for Holo and Holochain RSM.

Holo’s Roadmap

Holo Roadmap 2021

Holo Milestones

There are two type of milestones for Holo to reach Beta using Holochain RSM. Two ‘Infrastructure Milestones’ are required first, each of which modifies existing end-to-end functionality of the Holo network. We have recently delivered the first infrastructure milestone which enables a new chat application built on Holochain RSM to be used directly by hosts. The second infrastructure milestone makes that same application available for use by anyone via a web browser.

Following the infrastructure updates, a second type of milestone called ‘Application Milestones’ enable the full Alpha of the Holo network. These are the features and functions of the Holo suite of applications, which is needed by hosts, publishers and users of HoloFuel. They represent the front-end user experiences and are dependent upon both underlying Holochain backend apps (DNAs) as well as multiple integrated business services. Below is an update on progress as of January 2021 for a few of the Application Milestones that follow our infrastructure releases.

Progress on Development in 2021

Full Circle Alpha Testing with Holo

When all of the milestones on the roadmap are achieved, we will be testing end-to-end platform use cases using the full suite of products and services required for Holo.

Full circle view of Open-Alpha