Holo Product Roadmap

This evolving product roadmap outlines our upcoming milestones as we work through our agile development plans for Holo and Holochain.

Holo’s Roadmap


Holo Roadmap & Updates

With Holochain now in Beta release, the work on the Holo Platform is moving into a new mode. Existing components and applications have now been updated to the Beta 0.1.x release and we are now focused on finishing the final components and adding key infrastructure for resilience and security that moves us closer to our full feature Alpha and the review period.

At various points throughout the development process prior to the the Holo Beta release, all applications will be removed and testing will begin in a fresh Alpha deployed environment.

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Full circle Alpha testing with Holo

When all of the Holo roadmap milestones above are reached, all products and services will begin full circle testing for security and reliability on the Holo platform.


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