Holo Product Roadmap

This evolving product roadmap outlines our upcoming milestones as we work through our agile development plans for Holo and Holochain.

Holo’s Roadmap


Holo Roadmap Milestone Types

Infrastructure Milestones

Both Infrastructure and Application milestones are needed for Holo to reach Beta. The ‘Infrastructure Milestones’ are those deliverables that modify existing end-to-end functionality of the Holo network. Getting the first hosted Holochain application working on the Holo network was an infrastructure milestone because it was less about the application and more a test of the layers of networking required to have it work. This was true in the context of hosts running Elemental chat as well as Elemental Chat working for regular web users. Additional infrastructure milestones in the Holo roadmap will build out support for Holochain features that are still under development. A good example from our most recent work is updating all of the Holo applications to work with the most recent “sharding ready” version of Holochain. This version upgrade was a significant shift that required testing end to end. It enables hosted Holochain applications to be used by thousands of end users instead of hundreds that were previously supported.

Application Milestones

A second type of milestone called ‘Application Milestones. These are the features and functions of the Holo suite of applications, which are needed by hosts, publishers, and users of HoloFuel. They represent the front-end user experiences and are dependent upon both underlying Holochain backend apps (DNAs) as well as multiple integrated business services.

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Full circle Alpha testing with Holo

When all of the Holo roadmap milestones above are reached, all products and services will begin full circle testing for security and reliability on the Holo platform.


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