Product Roadmap

This evolving product roadmap is not a schedule but a map of our agile development plans. Details about upcoming release milestones which are under development can be seen by clicking on the window pane within the image. We will update the roadmap regularly.

Holo Product Roadmap

Upcoming Milestone and Releases from our Product Roadmap


  • Over 1500 HoloPorts have been shipped to 74 countries and 850+ hosts have now registered to the Holo network.


  • Holochain ran successfully as a single app on 5000 nodes in our test framework. This was a crucial milestone that demonstrated Holochain’s capacity to operate at the initial scale required for the Holo test network—and provides necessary confidence to our app developers building on Holochain who are not yet setup for scalability tests.


  • This feature in Holochain allows app developers to retrieve lists of data sorted by date of the author’s timestamp. For efficiency of message sizes and node workload, links are returned in “pages” of 50 by default. 

HoloPort Admin (APP HOSTING)

  • The HoloPort Admin dashboard is where hosts will control the parameters of their hosting device and access foundational hosting apps like HoloFuel, the first Holochain app available for testing.  


  • HoloPort owners will access the HoloFuel app via the HoloPort Admin dashboard and be able to send and receive Test Fuel with other hosts.

Create-hApp (RAD TOOLS)

  • Create-hApp is a command line tool that instantiates a fully functional notes application from a few simple commands. Similar to the create-react-app, developers get an instant running setup without having to build their own configuration.


  • HoloPort Nanos will ship to 700+ hosts and the owners will be able to register their devices to the Holo network, access their HoloPort Admin panel, and name their device.

Hosted Apps (APP HOSTING)

  • This milestone will be the first demonstration of Holo hosting—whereby Holochain apps will be configurable for hosting in the HoloPort Admin dashboard and subsequently regular web users will be able to access the hosted app via a web browser. 


  • HoloFuel will be the first app made available for hosting. Hosts and invited guest from the community will be able to send and receive Test Fuel via a web browser.

Hylo on Holo (COMMUNITIES)

  • Hylo is a collaboration and messaging app that Holo acquired. Basic messaging and post functionality from Hylo will be released in the Communities Holochain app, our second hosted app on Holo. The Hylo codebase is otherwise open sourced for expanded use by all Holochain developers.

Scaffolding (RAD TOOLS)

  • Scaffolding will extend the Create-hApp command line tooling that helps app developers get started. Developers will be able to generate a custom app (back-end CRUD functions, front-end data forms, and basic CRUD tests) based on a GraphQL schema.

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