Become a HoloNaut!

Holo and Holochain are searching for HoloNauts to join us on our journey to build a new, regenerative economy and a more human internet.

Over the last several months, our successful ICO and Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign raised the funds we need to build Holo and Holochain. Holo is a distributed cloud platform that enables our community to earn cryptocurrency by hosting truly peer-to-peer applications on one's HoloPort or personal server. Holo is built on Holochain, our new open source, post-blockchain framework that is faster, massively scalable, and 10,000x cheaper! To help fuel our ecosystem, we are also building decentralized Holochain apps and training a developer community to nurture an ecosystem that will build many more.

Holochain is in alpha, and we’re releasing both hardware and software in the coming months, so we're vastly expanding and looking for:

Apply to join our global, distributed team! We are a co-creative community of passionate change agents that delivers what we promise with integrity, while continuously exploring how to best grow together. Are you ready to take a big leap with us?!

Talk to our community at:


Holo is pleased to announce a formal agreement with Regenerative Software, LLC who will be our US partner supporting software development, marketing and community development in support of the HoloNetwork launch.