Holochain & Rust Developer Training, hosted by Holo

Learn to develop Holochain apps this summer.

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Learn Holochain and Rust, in 12 days this summer, as part of a world-class, pioneering, developer immersive.

  • Tyrol, Austria, July 2022
  • Rustic resort setting – lodging and all meals included
  • World-class and best-in-framework instructors
  • Vetted, intimate cohort of experienced developers
  • Limited-run, in-person experience

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Holochain Developer Education kicks off this July in Europe – Learn how to build web3 apps

Holochain is the open-source framework poised to bridge the fundamental limitations of blockchains creating a new web that supports the technical, social, and economic coordination that is so in demand in today’s world.

Holo, powered by Holochain, offers distributed cloud hosting where anyone can become a host by installing a micro server to their computer, and getting paid in crypto to host Holochain applications.

This immersive program is for well-versed full-stack developers who are ready to…

  • Develop immediate facility with building distributed Holochain applications in Rust
  • Gain exposure to all major Rust features
  • Improve their peer-to-peer software architecture design skills

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DATES: July 10 thru July 22
LOCATION: Mountain Village in Austria

  • Individual and group exercises
  • Pairing sessions
  • Lectures
  • Feedback sessions
  • Final projects


Marcus Phillips is a former engineer for Twitter, co-founder of the immersive software engineering school Hack Reactor, and a long-standing advocate for the power of cryptographic systems to create healthier incentives and social coordination.

Guillem Cordoba has been building Holochain applications for several years and actively teaching others how to do the same for nearly as long. He was a lead developer in the most recent community-led Holochain Dev Camp and leads the community in his passion for developing applications on Holochain.

Liz Penny is an expert educator with a career focus on programs training software engineers and has worked as a Director of Education with Hack Reactor, The Last Mile, and Galvanize.

Muhammad Meigooni lives at the intersection of education and technology, having worked as a full-stack software engineer for a number of startups as well as a Product / Campus owner at MakerSquare, Hack Reactor, and Galvanize.

Additional members of the Holo/Holochain team and our network will be in attendance to contribute as instructors, students or teaching assistants.


We invite experienced developers in the community to apply for this groundbreaking immersive experience. This is not a beginner programming course; we expect devs to come with a sound understanding of traditional full-stack programming. If you already have significant Rust experience and are willing to test-out of the Rust portion of the course you may qualify to participate as a teaching assistant for the first week and receive a discount on your tuition. This is a great way to involve yourself more deeply in the community, and we welcome the support of strong mentors!

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This spacious lodge is situated in a small ski village approximately 1.5 hours drive from Munich. The centre of Kelchsau is 500 meters away. During breaks, you’ll find great hiking, biking, rafting or swimming in the local wilderness areas.

What’s Included

  • 10 days of active Rust and Holochain immersive training
  • Lodging at Alpine lodge – 13 nights (single and shared rooms available)
  • Basic Meals – 13 days (we can accommodate dietary needs such as vegan/gluten-free/allergies)
  • Facilitated and free-form recreation rest and social time to explore the local nature of the Austrian Alps
  • Transfer to & from Munich Airport

Program Pricing

Our pricing reflects our values, goals, and stage-of-development. We aim to outperform alternative Rust educational offerings in quality, depth, and student experience while embracing an “initial-run” and pioneering vibe in our cohort, staff, and stakeholder groups. Our educators have a world-class track record hosting these cutting edge new programs and are well equipped to steer us through an exciting and exploratory first cohort.

Scholarships are available for exceptional applicants and those who can help us achieve our goal of building deep & material Rust and Holochain developer skills, in an immersive, rustic, lab-like setting. Here are some of the things that we will prioritise in our selection:

  • Candidate is likely to be very successful in this initial immersive – both learning and contributing
  • Candidate fits the needs of an emerging ecosystem of Holochain developers – both in interests, passion and future goals
  • Candidates have a history of and/or passion for meaningfully contributing to the ecosystem

You can request a scholarship at the end of the standard application.

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More about Holo and Holochain

In 2022, Holo is removing the key barrier to expansive, exploratory, and profitable implementations of Holochain. We’re building human capacity in our engineering community, through developer education—starting with Holochain Immersive. With its radical power, simplicity, and resource-efficient architecture, Holochain—built on Rust—is poised to take the web3 infrastructure world by storm.

In 2023 our focus will be both open-sourcing and curating online Holochain developer education for thousands of developers, Holo is starting where we always do;— small, local, and hands-on. The Summer 2022 Holochain Immersive is an onsite learning retreat built for established full-stack developers with a taste for adventure. Together, we will foster community among effective and capable developers who can architect and build employment-caliber Holochain applications that the world demands now.

The Fine Print

  • Roster is planned to be set, with applicants accepted, by June 13th.
  • The selection process includes the initial application, a live interview via Zoom, and requires full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions (below).
  • We’re seeking engaged developers—the application phase requires a €100 deposit! This deposit is fully refundable, in the event that your application is not accepted.
  • Participants obtain their own travel to and from Munich Airport (or to the Lodge itself).
  • Scholarships and supporting funds are available! They will prioritise program fit, as determined by our applicant questionnaire and an initial interview process. Please request a scholarship at the end of the application form. Please note: Scholarships cannot be applied to the application deposit itself, nor travel to and from Munich.
  • We’ll pick you up! Transfers to and from the Munich airport are provided, at scheduled times and meeting locations.
  • Required arrival is Sunday, July 10th. Recommended arrival time is between 12:00 and 16:00. Candidates that cannot be on location by 22:00 Sunday will not be accepted. If you’re travelling from distant time zones, we highly encourage arriving early enough to adapt (during which time you would need to find your own additional lodging).
  • All Participants will be required to provide a negative Covid test taken within 48 hours of arrival.
  • Applicants will need to agree to the Terms & Conditions during the application process.

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