Icon & Infographic Designer / Illustrator

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About us

Holo is a distributed cloud platform and marketplace that enables the hosting of peer-to-peer applications by everyday users connected to the Internet. Holo is an app built on Holochain, our new open source, framework infrastructure technology for distributed peer-to-peer applications. Holochain is lightning fast, massively scalable, cost effective, resource efficient, and eco-friendly.

To help fuel the growth of new patterns of technology and social interaction, we are also seeding the growth of a Holochain Application (hApp) Ecosystem and training a developer community that will build many more apps.

Icon & Infographic Designer / Illustrator

As the designer / illustrator, you'll collaborate across domains to produce engaging, informative illustrations to help developers understand complex concepts and new technologies. You'll also assist with other types of production, including web artwork, technical visuals and diagrams for blog posts, icons, slide presentations, and more.

Outputs could include:
(but are not limited to)

  • Producing high quality artwork that’s purposeful, accurate, and adheres to design standards
  • Preparing illustrations, charts, graphics, architecture and technical design diagrams, and other original artwork for developer resources and other documentation
  • Designing and/or customizing existing graphical presentations for various applications
    • Prepare clear illustrations and/or drawings for the Holochain Guidebook and Developer Resources
    • Prepare clear, technical illustrations and graphic depictions to support written text

To build these outputs you’ll need to:

  • Collaborate with dev teams to identify and understand technical design needs and contributing to the improvement/expansion of design standards
  • Conduct research on technical and complex topics (including developer tools, frameworks, APIs, cryptography, etc.)

What we’ll need from you:

  • A portfolio that demonstrates a high degree of skill in creating iconography, illustration, infographics, and other instances of graphic design
  • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and capable in Adobe Indesign
  • Experience using prototyping tools like Adobe XD, Sketch, and Keynote
  • The ability to interpret complex topics and distill them into clear, simplified designs
  • An understanding of user-friendly design principles and superb attention to detail
  • An unwavering passion for design
  • Interest in the areas of developer community and app ecosystem cultivation, sustainable businesses, deep wealth, collective intelligence, and/or biomimicry
  • Strong work ethic, willingness to learn new things, high positivity, and endless curiosity are highly encouraged personal traits
  • Creativity combined with critical thinking and the ability to work independently and self-motivate
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

In an ideal world:

  • 5+ years experience creating iconography, producing infographics, and sick illustration chops to boot
  • 3D illustration and/or animation experience
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent industry experience in a design-related discipline such as graphic design, visual communication, information design, or interaction design
  • More than 3 months participation in the community, familiarity with Holochain, and/or distributed technologies

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