Join the Sunshine Coast Holochain Intensive

March 22 – March 24, 2019

We’re very excited to be holding our first Holochain Intensive on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia!

A Holochain Intensive is a gathering for people who are creating something with Holochain or Holo. Whether that’s a hApp, a business, a meetup community, an open source project, a curriculum, a set of skills / tools / materials, or something else that helps Holochain make hApps accessible to the world.

While our DevDinners, Meetups, Presentations, and Hackathons are all available for public registration, Intensives are by application and invitation. The Australian Holochain community has been hopping like a kangaroo on three cups of coffee, so that’s why we’re holding the first one there.

The Beachside Location

We’re being generously hosted, with support of the Noosa Council, by the Peregian Hub – a beautiful Coworking Space just a 5 minute walk from the beach, which means we’ll be able to take legitimate surf breaks at a legitimate surf break.


Friday, March 22, late morning/afternoon


Monday, March 25, just after breakfast

In Partnership with


We’ll have participants converging to coordinate their efforts in building Holochain projects, meetups, live events, and partnerships to put together a growth strategy for the Australian Holochain ecosystem.


With strong representation of Holochain team developers, and partner projects, we’ll have plenty of time to get our hands dirty coding, or, at least our fingertips grimy. We’ve already got a number partner organizations attending with projects at varying stages of development, as well as several members of the Holo dev team.


There’s a beach, great super-local organic food, a beautiful environment for walking, non-mandatory-but-enthusiastically-proposed-ultimate-frisbee, grounds to explore, memories to make. Connection in person is a key component to the community we’re growing for years to come.

The Schedule

The program for the event is going to be built around the needs and energies of the group in attendance. While we’ll have regularly scheduled meals and some all-group sessions, most of the exciting work/play/learning will happen in scheduled and emergent sessions that we’ll self-organize around using Agile tools.

We’ll have a wonderful space at Peregian Hub for meeting, coworking, and breakout rooms. With a five minute walk to schedule sessions and take breaks on the beach!

The following schedule represents the basic bones of the structure that we’ll fit in with heaps of sessions from ultimate frisbee to coding networking functions for a team’s project; a hApp design discussion at the beach to mapping a country-wide community growth strategy on the veranda. We want to foster an environment to have an extraordinary experience doing extraordinary work.


9:00am – Arrival and Settling in
2:00pm – Opening
6:30pm – Dinner
8:00pm – Walk home on the beach


8:00am – Breakfast
9:00am – Set the Day
9:30am – Morning Sessions & Activities
1:00pm – Check In
1:30pm – Lunch
2:30pm – Afternoon Sessions & Activities
6:30pm – Close the Day
7:00pm – Dinner (Reservation in town)


8:00am – Breakfast
9:00am – Set the Day
9:30am – Morning Sessions & Activities
1:00pm – Check In
1:30pm – Lunch
2:30pm – Afternoon Sessions & Activities
6:00pm – Closing Session
7:30pm – Dinner (Reservation in town)


7:30am – Breakfast (at Glen Eden) and Departure


We’ll be staying at Glen Eden in Peregian Beach.

The townhouses are large and fully self contained – full size kitchen, dining and living area, two toilets and separate bathroom. We have a sauna, a well sized pool and a spa.

Inclusions & Cost

This is truly a community sourced event. Through:

  • the generosity of Peregian Hub, our hosting partners who’re honoring us with the use of their beautiful and ridiculously well-located space
  • the support that Eden Glen is providing us with wonderful accommodation at very special rates
  • the huge contributions of time and energy of our local community (singling out Alexander for miracle-working this one into being).

We’re able to offer invitees meals, tea, and snacks (excluding 2 dinners) and accomodation for 3 days and nights for:

$230 AUD for a twin bed in a 2 person shared room
$335 AUD for a queen bed in a private room

Accommodation are in suites of two or three rooms, and once folks are accepted we’ll sort out who’s going where, so early bedders, and late-nighters have appropriate roomies.

If you wish to have more privacy, there are Airbnb’s available locally, and you can contribute just $60 AUD to the cost of the food.

All meals, with exception of Saturday and Sunday dinners in town, are catered and included in the price of the event, and unless otherwise noted will be served at Peregian Hub.

Travel & Logistics

Every participant is responsible for working out their transportation and will be provided with details for booking accomodations upon invitation, and a spreadsheet for coordinating shared travel.

You may want to bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit
  • Surfboard/boogie board
  • Sandals
  • Water bottle
  • Your computer
  • Your charger (don’t want to make that mistake again)
  • High fives
  • Shark / jellyfish / octopus / stingray repellent (just kidding, it’s not that bad)

Holochain Intensives are a space for committed community members to dive deeper into the technology, design patterns, business models, currency constellations, ecosystem growth strategy, and of course, the relationships at the center of Holochain and Holo.

We’re looking for applications from hApp developers, Holochain-centric project teams, dev shops focusing on Holochain, experienced meetup organizers, members of organizations partnering with Holo / Holochain, institutional changemakers bringing Holochain to their organization / institution, etc.

The Intensive’s for folks who have done some work to wrap their minds around Holo and/or Holochain and have already been active in adding to the conversation, whether that’s building a organization around Holochain’s technology, contributing to our community online or locally, building a hApp, or any other contributions. This is a place for us to celebrate and appreciate our accomplishments as we work to further them.

I love how intense and informative the hackathon was. It’s just incredible how much I learned and how many inspiring people I’ve met. I would definitely recommend attending one if you’re interested in a deeper understanding of Holochain.
Frederick Ducatelle
Attendee at the Amsterdam Hackathon