Why can’t I see new messages that I know I should be able to see?

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Wait a little while and try refreshing the page. It should be there in less than a minute, but if you still don’t see it after an hour, it may be a bug that we should know about. See above for info on how to report.

Holochain has two ways of broadcasting messages: signals, which are fast but unreliable, and DHT data, which is reliable but slower. If you don’t see a message that was there before — for instance, you closed Elemental Chat or switched to another channel and back to the previous one — it’s because the fast signal arrived in your browser, but the DHT data hasn’t been copied to your assigned HoloPort yet. There are more user-friendly ways of handling this, but as we've mentioned, Elemental Chat is just a proof-of-concept app and has some rough edges.

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