What’s the difference between HOT and HoloFuel? Is HoloFuel like Eth gas?

HoloToken (HOT, ERC20) is NOT (≠) HoloFuel (HOLO). HoloToken (HOT) is a placeholder and an IOU for HoloFuel.

HoloFuel is like Eth gas. HoloFuel and HOT are designed differently and have different purposes. HoloFuel DOES operate in a similar way as Eth gas, but there are some design differences. HoloFuel is designed to perform billions of daily microtransactions for hosting services. HoloFuel is Holo's native, asset-backed, mutual-credit currency.

Ethereum, Bitcoin, HoloToken (HOT, ERC20), and HoloFuel are cryptocurrencies.

Holo Green Paper

p8: In the future the micro-transaction flows for hosting payments could also undergird a general purpose cryptocurrency payment system in a similar way that “gas” powers the Ethereum transaction engine.

p37: HoloFuel is a unit of account in Holo using value-stable double-entry accounting. The crypto-credit used to purchase hosting in the shared Holo Ecosystem.

When it is released, you will be able to buy HoloFuel through the Reserve Account, third party exchanges, peer-to-peer, etc.

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