What should I do if I find a bug? What kinds of bugs are you looking for?

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This stage of testing is an open, public test of Holochain and the Holo Hosting infrastructure. We believe that we’ve found all critical bugs in both, as well as many non-critical bugs that lead to reduced performance. We’re not looking for bugs in Elemental Chat itself, as it is just a proof-of-concept app.

Currently we’re looking for new, serious, persistent issues that are experienced by multiple people. Read this article to learn what kinds of bugs we are and aren’t interested in. If you’re seeing a bug that you think should be reported, here’s where to do it:

  • If you can’t log in, ask us for access to the Holo forum and report your issue on this thread.
  • If you can log in, report your issue directly in Elemental Chat in the ‘Bug Reports’ channel.

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