What is HOT? When can I swap it for HoloFuel?

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HoloToken (HOT) is a placeholder that will be convertible 1:1 for HoloFuel during the 6 month swap period after the Holo Beta release.

HOT is an ERC-20 token sold as an IOU for HoloFuel during our Initial Community Offering (ICO) in April 2018. The funds raised are being used for the development of Holo and Holochain, which are the underlying technological infrastructure.

Regardless of the past monetary value of either HOT or HoloFuel, HOT will be accepted as a straight swap during the 6-month swap period. It will be 1 HOT for 1 HoloFuel. You will still be able to purchase HoloFuel with HOT following the guaranteed swap period, but the prices may vary from 1:1.

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