What do the LED light colors on my HoloPort mean?

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High Level

Blinking Light–Something is in process.
Solid Light–Something needs attention.

Blinking Lights

Blinking Blue
HoloPort startup phase. This happens every time you power on a HoloPort. A new HoloPort or a HoloPort that has been disconnected for a long time could blink blue for hours as it downloads all the updates.

Blinking Pink-Purple
The HoloPort is trying to reach the internet. Note: this also happens during normal HoloPort operation from time to time.

Blinking Green
The HoloPort is waiting to be issued TLS certificates (for HTTPS).

Blinking Yellow
The HoloPort is registering with Holo.

Solid Lights

Solid Blue
The HoloPort is waiting for the USB drive with the correct files.

Solid Red
The HoloPort cannot be registered because it has existing registration data on it.

For troubleshooting details login to the Forum and go to this thread: https://forum.holo.host/t/your-holoport-led-lights-for-testing-only/4875

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