Stuck on the ‘Connecting to a HoloPort’ message?

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If you see this message for more than a few seconds, it may be caused by one of a few issues. Try these steps one at a time. You might not need to do all of them.

  1. Check your device’s internet connection; you might be offline. You need to be online to connect to a HoloPort. ;-)
  2. The easiest next step is just to use a different browser or device (remember Elemental Chat isn’t optimized for mobile/tablet).
  3. If you're still seeing the same message, try A) clearing your browser storage then, B) refreshing the page, and then C) sign up for a new account with a new password.

If you keep having this problem, even after trying step 3, it may be a bug that we should know about. See how to report a bug.

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