What do I do if I can’t sign up for Elemental Chat?

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Elemental Chat isn’t a production app, so the chat experience won’t be perfect. If you’re having issues try these tricks.

  1. Try "hard refreshing" the page (press Ctrl+Shift+R on Windows, or ⌘+Shift+R on macOS) and signing up with the same email address and password.
  2. Try clearing your browser’s storage, then refreshing the page and signing in again.
  3. Try signing up using new credentials. (Hint: many email providers let you create ‘plus addresses’ by adding a ‘+’ and a few letters or numbers to the first half of your existing address. For example, if you have the address [email protected] you can also use [email protected])

If you keep having this problem, it may be a bug that we should know about. Read more about the kinds of bugs we're looking for and how to report.

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