Is there a ≤1% transaction fee?

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All HoloFuel transactions will incur a ≤1% transaction fee initially, paid by the sender, and transaction fees will always be in the range of 0-1%.

HoloFuel is designed for micro-transactions—millions of transactions at fractional values. HoloFuel is divisible in fractional units. This is an enormous infrastructure to support and has never been done before. Holo will charge a ≤1% fee on all transactions to support building and scaling this infrastructure. Holo will look to decrease transaction fees, maintaining enough revenue to sustain the infrastructure services, after it has scaled enough to meet the expected demand and cost of servicing the infrastructure.

Further notes on transaction fees:

  • The sender incurs the transaction fee, not the recipient.
  • Hosts do not incur transaction fees for providing hosting, fees happen when they transfer, withdraw, or redeem HoloFuel.
  • Peer-to-peer transactions incur the transaction fee.
  • In transactions involving HoloFuel and another Holochain-based currency, the sender will incur the transaction fee.
  • HoloFuel is not required for running a Holochain app; it is only required for hosting a Holochain app on the Holo Host network.

Three possible exceptions:

  • Fees may not be incurred on transactions between agents who comprise one identity (e.g. a HoloPort, laptop, and phone that all belong to me).
  • Large financial transactions (not micro-transactions) may incur reduced fees. We will review this as the need arises.
  • Holochain-based cryptocurrencies do not incur the ≤1% fee on their own transactions, but will incur fees for the HoloFuel they use to pay their hosting fees for all agents whose chains are hosted on the Holo Host network.

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