In your updates you reference a particular number of nodes / messages you are testing for. I thought Holochain was supposed to be infinitely scalable?

Elemental Chat is just a proof of concept test. We set a goal of having at least 500 HoloPorts using Elemental Chat. This represents a successful end-to-end infrastructure test of the Holo hosting network rebuilt to run on the new version of Holochain (RSM). This first stage is giving HoloPort owners the ability to test this on their own devices. Next, we’ll have Elemental Chat available to web users as a hosted app.

Yes, Holochain is infinitely scalable, and each Holochain app generates its own network which has distinct resources to run it, but we are still tuning and testing various components to demonstrate scaling within one hApp. For example, we’re running this test with a single proxy server even though a Holochain app has no limit to the number of proxy servers it can use, and every Holochain node has the code needed to function as a proxy. At the moment, a single proxy helps with debugging and easier configuration.

This release is also running at full synchronization without sharding the DHT content into different neighborhoods. Sharding is an important networking release that will happen later in Alpha.

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