How can I start earning HoloFuel?

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Once Holo launches, you can earn HoloFuel by hosting Holochain apps to service mainstream internet users providing hosting services.

HoloPorts are efficient, plug and play devices that make hosting easier, especially for those who might not be comfortable with Linux. You can pre-order a HoloPort on

Anyone can become a host by buying a HoloPort hosting device or, in the future, downloading the Holo app (no purchase required).

In the future, there will be additional ways to earn HoloFuel. For example, credit may be extended for exchange or barter based on trust, services, and skills.

You will be able to buy HoloFuel from Holo, third party exchanges, peer-to-peer, and from apps that sell HoloFuel. These are the options that we know today, who knows what will be possible tomorrow?!

Holo’s Reserve Accounts will only redeem HoloFuel that is earned through hosting services. The system is designed to know how HoloFuel was earned, so you can only convert HoloFuel into other currencies for hosting.

HoloFuel obtained, but not earned from hosting, is likely to be able to be exchanged and traded on third party exchanges and platforms.

Holo Green Paper

- p5: Holo Hosts get paid for providing hosting to mainstream users who just use their browser instead of installing Holochain.

- p7: Holo​ enables hosts to turn a consumer-grade mini-computer into a source of revenue, where they get paid for hosting distributed applications. Hosts ​choose what apps to serve, and set their own hosting prices and priorities.

- p18: General Purpose Transfers and Transactions: Initially, Holo ​will only support hosting services and so support hosting transactions only. Eventually Holo​ needs to be able to support general purpose transfers and transactions that are not just hosting transactions.

- p33: Hosts will be required to register if they want to redeem credits for outside currencies through reserve accounts.

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