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It was fascinating and exciting to see what happens when we were designing applications with Holochain at the Hackathon. The structure unlocks new and fresh thinking about what apps can be and how we can mimic natural human relations in an extended digital realm.
Viktor Zaunders
Attendee at the Amsterdam Hackathon
I love how intense and informative the hackathon was. It’s just incredible how much I learned and how many inspiring people I’ve met. I would definitely recommend attending one if you’re interested in a deeper understanding of Holochain.
Thomas Starzynski
Attendee at the Amsterdam Hackathon
What impressed me about the hackathon, was the accessibility for non-coders. Change-makers, out of the box thinkers and social entrepreneurs will have a great time visiting the versatile team & environment like in a Holochain Hackathon.
Gino Ludikhuyze
Attendee at the Amsterdam Hackathon

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