Contribute Now. Earn over time.

To earn in Holo, we ask you to invest in Holo. We want you, as a member of the crowd, to be a stakeholder in the whole project and its future. Our crowdfunding demonstrates a hosting ecosystem that the cryptocurrency from our ICO rewards. The two are woven together to create an: asset-backed cryptocurrency! Where do you want to invest to earn?

1. Indiegogo Crowdsale

Opened 5 December 2017 | Closed 4 February 2018
263% Funded ($1,037,271 USD total funds raised)

The crowdsale will fund the manufacture of hardware nodes required for hosting and processing data on the Holo network by pre-selling these devices to future hosts. Purchasers of these nodes will be able to earn Holo network fuel for performing the service of hosting shared data from distributed apps once the network launches.

In addition to hardware nodes, the crowdfund will offer in-person training services for Holochain development, application design consultation, and tool kits for jump-starting the app development process.

Your backing now enables the launch of a broad, stable, secure, and user-ready network. And by purchasing one of our personal cloud devices -- a HoloPort -- you will be building an essential piece of the network’s infrastructure starting in Spring 2018.


2. Initial Community Offering

Thursday, 29 March 2018 10:00 a.m. GMT to 28 April 2018 at 10:00 a.m. GMT

Our ICO was a presale of Holo hosting fuel backed by supply (hosting and development) demonstrated and accounted for by our crowdfunding campaign.

Our ICO was to run for a predetermined amount of days or until funding limits are achieved. We were able achieve our funding limit! The Holo ICO creates the economy for crowd-as-cloud-hosting services in the form of transferable ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum public blockchain.

  • When the Holo network goes live, these tokens can be exchanged for the corresponding credit balance on the Holo network
  • The initial token sale opened with a €2.5M supply that adjusted daily
  • The supply of tokens was set in relation to demand demonstrated by purchases from the crowdfund and of non-transferrable Holo fuel. We intended to run a sale that is as inclusive, diverse, and responsible as possible
  • We limited access to the ICO to be in compliance with legal regulations

Holo fuel


Holo is powered by Holo fuel, a cryptocurrency backed by digital assets - the processing, computation, and storage needed for efficient cloud hosting. The estimated revenue for cloud hosting in 2017 was $264 billion dollars, demonstrating significant enough demand to make Holo fuel a viable, trustworthy store of value in the crypto-world. Furthermore, It is designed to circumvent the attacks, hacks, and forks that make other crypto-investments too risky for widespread adoption.


Holo fuel is priced in computing units: processing time, bandwidth, and storage. As the number of hosts grows, that mass of their computing power stabilizes valuation. Hosts set their own prices for their computing power which will tend toward stability when averaged across a large ecosystem of servers distributed across the planet. Because Fuel also incentivizes participation, it brings along the infrastructure and resources needed to sustain itself.



As an issuer and infrastructure provider, the Holo organization can be freely audited by hosts. We are fully accountable to the network, each node of which sees the collection and allocation of transaction fees. Like all other transactions, these are public entries, signed to the validating DHT that ensures careful data provenance.


Fuel was available for purchase in advance of the launch of the network during our ICO (Initial Community Offering). Our sales cap is correlated to the capacity of the network and demand for service as indicated through the crowdfunding sale of HoloPort hosting devices and developer trainings.

    Together we can build a more human internet where contributions are recognized.