Technical Writer and eLearning Training Course Designer

Initial Short-Term Contract, Potential for Long-Term Employment
Initial part time to eventual full time position
100% Remote Position

About us

Holo is a distributed cloud platform and marketplace that enables the hosting of peer-to-peer applications for use by users connected to the Internet. Holo is built on Holochain, our new open source framework for distributed peer-to-peer applications. Holochain is lightning fast, massively scalable, cost effective, resource efficient, and eco-friendly.

Our technologies are designed to fuel the growth of new social interaction patterns. We are seeding the growth of a Holochain Application (hApp) Ecosystem and training a developer community to build many more apps.

Technical Writer

The Technical Writer will be part of the team accountable for the production of developer documentation efforts and responsible for revising existing and creating new Holochain developer resources. The position includes creating technical copy for instructional material related to the Holochain framework.

The Role:

As a Technical Writer and eLearning Training Course Designer, your role is to design and create effective and engaging technical documentation for developers. This may include eLearning, videos, animated modules, simulations, interactive tutorials, and other learning assets. Your motivation is finding ways to bring clarity to complex subjects and you’re an expert in communicating learning concepts visually. You have strong technical writing skills. You'll collaborate across domains to produce engaging, informative technical documentation to help developers understand complex concepts and new technologies.

Essential Responsibilities Include:

  • Create and edit high-quality technical documentation to aid developer education efforts.
  • Prepare written copy for the Holochain Guidebook, API documentation, and other developer resources
  • Draft text material as required for new, original Holochain developer documentation and prepare updates to previously written Holochain documentation
  • Identify opportunities for, and conceptualize, non-textual representations of concepts where appropriate
  • Organize information and compile it into instructional material (eLearning courses, video tutorials, train the trainer guides, code examples, reference material, audio and video scripts, storyboards, assessment questions, etc.) utilizing appropriate learning and development methodologies and/or instructional design tools for curriculum and course development.
  • Draft storyboards and prototypes for new online learning activities when appropriate.
  • Collaborate on the adoption of appropriate instructional technologies to advance training
  • Stay up-to-date on new delivery strategies and training options and include facets of social and peer learning, game-based learning, informal learning, etc.
  • Apply best practices in adult learning to design, write, and build a range of high-quality learning experiences, with emphasis on eLearning, videos, animations, games, etc.
  • Utilize ADDIE, SAM, Kirkpatrick, and other recognized models to design, develop, and publish engaging course content, learning activities, and knowledge assessments for ILT, online, virtual, and blended modalities.
  • Define learning objectives, scenarios, building simulations, audio scripts, progress checks, performance evaluations, and knowledge assessments.
  • Design assessments to support defined learning objectives and create metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of training courses.

To build these outputs you’ll need to:

  • Participate in many levels of developer content design and documentation, production concept to publication.
  • Collaborate with dev teams to identify and understand technical documentation needs and to the improvement/expansion of documentation standards.
  • Conduct research on technical and complex topics (including developer tools, frameworks, APIs, cryptography, etc.)
  • Work closely with peers to identify instructional goals and objectives and offer analysis, design, and development options for achieving best learning outcomes for the Holochain framework
  • Manage updates and revisions to technical documents across changing versions
  • Collaborate with team members to upload, test, and maintain content within a Learning Management System and/or website.
  • Explore different communication mediums (visual, video/animation, interactive) for conveying concepts most appropriately, and provide direction to those producing concept in those mediums
  • Handle a multi-project workload that may shift in prioritization

Skills & Experience:

  • A portfolio that demonstrates a high degree of skill in technical writing
  • Must be prepared with recent technical writing examples and/or have a portfolio of your previous body of work
  • The ability to interpret complex topics and distill them into clear, simplified text materials
  • Ability to effectively convey information to a wide variety of technical and non-technical individuals or groups
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience with eLearning content authoring tools (e.g. Adobe Captivate)
  • Knowledge/Experience with learning management systems
  • A real passion for peer-to-peer solutions and distributed or decentralized technology
  • Dedication to extraordinary technical documentation
  • Openness to using open document standards (SVG, Markdown/HTML) or open source tools like Inkscape
  • Passionate about supporting the developer community and cultivating an app ecosystem
  • Strong work ethic, willingness to learn new things, high positivity, and endless curiosity are highly encouraged personal traits
  • Superb attention to detail
  • Creativity combined with critical thinking and the ability to work independently and self-motivate
  • Demonstrated problem-solving ability, as well as consistent, logical, and effective decision-making skills
  • Experience using Markdown and GitHub

In an ideal world:

  • 3+ years of experience in technical writing, technical documentation, and web-based training course design
  • Bachelor’s degree or experience consistent with a degree in Technical Writing, Instructional Design, Adult Education, or a related field (CPLP or eLearning Training Certificate)
  • More than 6 months participation in the community, familiarity with Holochain, and/or distributed technologies
  • Skill with visual communication tools (visual, video/animation, interactive)
  • Passionate about sustainable businesses, deep wealth, collective intelligence, and/or biomimicry
  • Links to other websites and resources where we might learn more about you (GitHub, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, website, etc.) are greatly appreciated

Some details about what we offer:

  • Generous salary (National Currency)
  • Generous crypto pay program (HOT & HoloFuel)
  • Supportive team trial period
  • Regular team meetings (video and in person)
  • Collaborative and inspiring culture
  • Flexible work schedules and vacation
  • Motivated, passionately engaged, and evolutionary global teammates

Holo is an equal opportunity employer that celebrate a diverse, creative, and collaborative team.

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