We are a community of passionate humans building a distributed cloud, owned and run by users like you and me.

Holo provides a way to unleash the enormous idle capacity in everyone’s computers. This gives us the power to build vibrant cloud hosting communities that will challenge how the Internet monopolies control our data and our interactions. Holo offers each of us the ability to participate by sharing, earning, and building the future of the web.


Our Origin Story

When the gift you wish to share with the world is a decentralized mode of measuring the subtlest streams of value; river, rain, and tidepool metaphors begin to take on more meaning. Eric Harris-Braun, Fernanda Ibarra, and Art Brock’s intuitions about distributed computing and (r)evolutionary human collaboration became a rich floodplain, gathering together techno-culture enthusiasts, activists, media theorists, healers, next economy geeks, artists, and leading thinkers in collective intelligence. Some were in the business of manifesting social entrepreneurship. Others were pursuing their crafts. A few were furthering their studies. Each effort was a steady flow, chipping away the same myth, layered in centuries of thick sediment: humans function best when responding to a central authority-from-above, whether in governments, schools, businesses, or in our increasingly networked digital lives.


A year before the financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency projects, many of the Holo team began dreaming, together as part of the MetaCurrency Project, or separately, driving deep explorations in work and life, of new modes of coordinating and new tools to increase our capacity to affect and be affected by one another. In 2018 we proudly break the levee, bringing to bear a concerted groundswell from our robust team of communicators, programmers, strategists, and artists. The Holo project was created to bring the benefits of distributed apps to anyone with a web browser. Casting light on the abyssal zones of our computational culture, we aim to redistribute the wealth and health made possible by our mounting interconnectivity.



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